“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”

ICC’s International Integrity & Anti-Corruption Conference 2021

Friday 10 December 2021


On Friday 10 December 2021, the 6th ICC’s International Integrity and Anti-Corruption Conference was held. This year’s conference was also the ICC Netherlands’ Centennial Conference, celebrating the 100th anniversary of ICC Netherlands. The Conference aims to inspire, exchange ideas and further shape agendas with a focus on trust, integrity, ethics, and sustainability and the steps that governments, business, and individuals should take to enable positive change. Participants from around the globe joined us in an exciting and insightful debate on this year’s central theme:

Restoring Trust, Revitalising Economies

Trust is the vital element of a well-functioning society. The belief in a competent, honest, and benevolent, in other words trustworthy ‘other party’ is of utmost importance in the cooperation among various actors. However, a trust deficit between and within businesses, governments and (civil) society remains. The past year has shown that a lack of trust hinders cooperation, impeding the ability to tackle global issues such as climate change, corruption and inequalities. Restoring the trust deficit rests on the shoulders of all actors in society. After all, trust is the asset on which global progress depends.

Against this background, the 6th ICC’s International Integrity and Anti-Corruption Conference aims to links the concepts of integrity, trust and prosperity. What measures should businesses and governments take in order to restore trust? How can the restoration of trust contribute to tackle global challenges in the long run? At the Conference, thought leaders, from various backgrounds, share their insights and views on this year’s theme.

Target audience
Executives and experts from both the public and private sector, academia and NGOs, anybody engaged in integrity, anti-corruption, sustainability, and responsible business conduct. The Conference is free of charge.

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For questions, please contact the organizers via info@icc.nl.

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Previous editions and conference booklets
In 2020, the theme ‘Ethics and Progress, Towards Conscious Capitalism’ was addressed by speakers Prof. Robert H. Wade (Professor of Political Economy and Development, LSE), Nicola Bonucci (Managing Director, Global Trade and Investigations and White Collar Defense practices, Paul Hastings), Mrs. Mirjam Bakker (Chief Compliance Officer, ABN AMRO Bank), Ms. Pascale Hélène Dubois (Former VP Integrity, World Bank Group). Please find the full program of the 2020 conference below.



For an impression of the 2017 conference, please watch the 3-minute video below.
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